Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It’s White Wednesday Somewhere

OK, we jinxed ourselves... it is suppose to snow this week... please read on. Kathy

Friday, November 23, 1:50 p.m.

For those of you that are new to our mailing list, the winery was closed last year for 6 days at the end of November because of heavy snow. In order to “shovel up” some much needed business I sent out a White Wednesday case offer with us paying for your shipping.

After much discussion, Molly, Libby and I had nixed White Wednesday this year. While the forecast is kinda yucky there’s nothing ‘white’ on tap so it will be business as usual. And since we’re so appreciative of your support this past year it just didn’t feel right to add another promotional email to your inbox.

But, I’ve changed my mind. (…that doesn’t sound real good but just read on and you’ll understand).

My husband Ralph and I had to go to Seattle Wednesday. But rather than fighting the horrific holiday traffic leaving the city, we decided to make it special and planned a “date night.”

It was special. Add Thanksgiving morning with breakfast in bed and the paper and I was in heaven.

But when Ralph dropped the paper on the bed, it was a good thing I wasn’t holding my coffee. The weight of it hitting the bed actually bounced me in the air!

According to the news, this was the thickest Thanksgiving Seattle Times ever… easily 5 inches of store advertisements. I was blown away.

Then during our drive home to Sequim and family, I made an innocent comment, something like “We should be home in record time ‘cause no one will be on the road.” Was I ever wrong! Interstate 5 was a parking lot.

I kept wondering if folks were going to have tailgate parties and camp out in the parking lots of their favorite stores so they could be in line for the 4AM sales!

What’s this got to do with White Wednesday?

Well, this year we may not be stuck in snow but maybe you are. Or worse, snarled in traffic like we were.

So as I noted above, I’ve changed my mind. Let the Working Girls Elves help you out this year.

It’s called “White Wednesday Somewhere” and you can celebrate by once again selecting a case of wine, taking your 10% case discount AND letting Olympic Cellars pick up the shipping!

It is our gift to you for all your continued support. Mix or match any of your favorite wines including our holiday Cranberry Jubilee. (The only exception is Working Girl White , which is limited to the next bottling)

Since the weather will only get colder we need to get your shipment moving now. So “White Wednesday Somewhere” ends on Friday, November 30. Order on-line, respond to this mail or call the ELF-LINE at 360-452-0160 to place your order.

And if you’re within driving distance of the winery, you can celebrate “White Wednesday Somewhere” at the winery Wednesday, November 28, with a one-day-only, 25% case discount special when you take your wines with you (that’s your average overall savings if we had to ship it to you).

Happy Holidays,

Molly, Libby, Benoit and Kathy

Ps. I almost forgot. We’ve been saving 14 cases of our double gold 2003 Dungeness Red Lemberger. If you would like a case or a few bottles in your mixed case, be sure to note that in the comments section of the order form.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Frost Is On The Pumpkin! Time To Celebrate the Harvest…

The Harvest Celebration

Any anthropologist, or any farmer, for that matter, knows that harvest celebrations date back to the beginning of time.

One harvest tradition linked to the vineyard is the Gerbebaude , the final dinner for the pickers. Gerbe originally meant a sheaf of wheat. In the vineyards, it is a bouquet the harvesters present to the owner or his wife at the dinner.

The Grape Harvest at Olympic Cellars and on the North Olympic Peninsula is still in our future but the tradition of celebrating the harvest begins this year in 2007, the year Benoit planted our vineyard.

Those of you that have visited the winery have enjoyed our Gathering Room and the huge harvest table built from the wood of our century old barn.

The Harvest Table
I think the “table” is symbolic. We make memories at our tables. To me, our wine brand, La Dolce Vida represents The Good Life, those special times when we gather at the table. We celebrate life, we entertain friends and we bring our family together for meals. The table can be the genesis of new ideas, where decisions are made, or your desk as you start a new business. You may grieve a loss.... The Table Tells A Story.

A Harvest Table is usually a Big Long Table… gathering all those that have helped during the harvest. Nobody knew one another on the first day of crush or harvest… working side by side, yet at the end, friendships have been born. In the fields or at the winery, work doesn’t stop once harvest is over and the grapes are crushed.

Wine is life with seasons of its own! Harvest/Crush is Fall, Barrel Aging is Winter, Bottling is Spring and the release and enjoyment of the wine – Summer! Each season will be celebrated at the winery, traditions growing and stories being told around the TABLE. Cheers, Kathy

We will celebrate the harvest in three ways…. Please Join Us.

Sharing our wine and food from the Peninsula during the Passport Wine Tour Olympic Peninsula Harvest Wine Tour

Dinner La Gerbebaude , end of the harvest dinner at Joy's Wine Bistro with Olympic Cellars Winemaker, Benoit Murat. All will gather at two large tables. Harvest Winemaker Dinner

The first harvest dinner in our Gathering Room for all who helped in the 2007 Harvest and Crush – our own La Gerbebaude!