Monday, June 23, 2008

Pinot Envy

As you read in my last post, we celebrated National Flip Flop Day Saturday and ushered in the 1 st day of summer.

I guess the weather Gods were impressed with our pleading because they granted our wish. Since the email and blog post went out Thursday evening we’ve had nothing but glorious sunshine and warm weather. We actually crossed 70 degrees. It was an Olympic Peninsula heat wave!

At the winery, the doors kept opening to the sound of flip-flop, flipity-flop, flop-flop as our guests made their way to the bar. Remember… complimentary wine tasting was in order if you dressed appropriately.

The winery was festive with everyone showing off their feet! Molly, our tasting room goddess, really got into it and started saying goodbye with a new twist. “Thanks for flopping in,” she sang out as she poured another round.

At the end of the day, Molly was getting a bit slap-happy (or by then, ‘flap happy’). Anyhow, she was serving a group of 5 -- a mother and her four daughters. They were tasting through our wines to pick the ones they would serve in honor of their mother’s 80 th birthday and her 60 th wedding anniversary!

Molly was serving them our Dungeness Red Lemberger. Now, understand, not many have heard of this grape and usually say something like, “Is that like the cheese?” No, we say, the grape is spelled differently and smells a whole lot better.

Lately we’ve even taken to describing the wine as similar to Pinot Noir.

Well, Molly was on a roll, got to laughing and finally just spit out… “The wine, well, it’s sort of has Pinot Envy .”

Well of course, everyone at the bar collapsed in hysterics, Molly turned red to her hairline and the discussion quickly turned to the movie Sideways.

Seriously though, the name may stink for a grape but it’s all about what’s in the bottle. Lemberger is part of Washington’s heritage and should not be overlooked.

These wines truly are very similar to Pinot in style, with a medium-body and lots of bright fruit and soft tannins. It’s a very food-friendly wine and pairs beautifully with salmon, halibut and other food right off the grill.

You can read about the history of this grape at

Benoit, our winemaker, has just released the 2006 vintage (Dungeness Red) and it’s getting rave reviews. You can check it out here:

Oh ya. Back to the weather... by Sunday we headed back down to 60. Maybe we just didn’t have enough “Oomph” and not enough lead time. Heck, if we can skydive into the Winery maybe next year I’ll truck in a few loads of sand and we’ll have a beach volleyball tournament and usher Summer with a bang. Stay tuned.

Savor the moment, Cherish the Memories… Kathy

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