Monday, September 29, 2008

Congress Needs BRASS BALLS!

As a citizen and now a small business owner I’m outraged in the gross lack of leadership in our members of Congress.

Stories are prolific on the Internet but two statements jumped out as demonstrating again POLITICS AT IT’S MOST SELFISH BEST regarding the financial bailout plan.

“Not enough members were willing to take the political risk just five weeks before an election.”

“Congress has been trying to adjourn so that its members can go out and campaign.”

With a United States and Global financial meltdown potentially eminent, how could any elected official worry about his/her campaign or their state’s constituents? May sound harsh, but what good is shortsighted pork belly politics if the entire country is driven into a depression.

We need LEADERS who can think, ask questions and make the hard decisions under pressure in the BEST INTEREST OF THE UNITED STATES!

Senators and Congress… delete the party initial and the state you represent from behind your name and replace it with… J. A. Congressman, United States Leader

And, if you need a pair of Brass Balls to help, I’m sure there are a number of citizens who would order a pair delivered straight to your office. Maybe you need a New Symbol of Leadership, Responsibility and Action.

Kathy Charlton
Private Citizen and Business Owner

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ten Purple Toes -- Ten Top Reasons to Stomp Grapes

Olympic Cellars’ Last Grape Stomp & Harvest Party of the Decade

I can’t believe Saturday, September 13 is our 6 th Grape Stomping Harvest Party. I grew up watching I Love Lucy … of course they were re-runs! Who would have thought my life’s destiny included a red wig and a Lucy ‘get-up’ hosting a Grape Stomp at Olympic Cellars.

The I Love Lucy show aired for 6 seasons, 1951-1957. This year, our 6 th Stomp, will also be our Last . In 2009, the Grape Stomp & Harvest Party will evolve in conjunction with the winery’s 30th anniversary. So while saying good-bye to a seasonal favorite, those who have enjoyed the event over the past six years and those who may experience it for the first time this year can look forward to a surprise next fall.

If you always planned to join us AND… if you always wanted to get really close to the grapes, feel the squish between your toes and the excitement of stomping then mark your calendar for Saturday, September 13 from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

And, if that’s not reason enough, how about a count down to the….

Top Ten Purple Toe Reasons to Stomp Grapes At Olympic Cellars

10 . You’ve always had a secret desire to be a red head

9 . Purple is your favorite color, even if it’s the color of your feet

8. The Best Afternoon Delight… Good Fun, Good Company, Good Food, Good Music

7 . Shop for Classic Harvest ‘Couture’ at your favorite thrift store and win the costume contest

6 . Perfect Family Photo Op – Savor the Moment, Cherish the Memories

5. Last chance for a “Lucy & Ethel” style Girl Friend Road Trip

4 . Opportunity to win Kathy’s 6 year-old pink flannel Lucille Ball Grape Stomping Pajamas or her red wig!

3 . Sip the official wine of the Stomp, “Gracefully Aging Red”… rumored to have anti-aging properties including memory enhancement

2. It is said… "grapes are the most noble and challenging of fruits." Rise to the challenge! Take on the fruit! Stomp and swamp your way into OLYMPIC (Cellars) history. The last and final 2008 Grape Stomp Champion!

Celebrate the Season and Help Stomp Out Child Abuse

1. Children are your passion and you want to “Stomp Out Child Abuse”

One-half of ticket proceeds will be donated to Healthy Families who work to end child abuse and other forms of domestic violence in Clallam County. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Olympic Cellars Grape Stomping Harvest Party
Saturday, September 13, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Food and Market/Gift Vendors

Noon Ready to Go, gates open
1 p.m. Sign-up for contests
2 p.m. Contests begin
3:30 p.m. Grand Stomp Off
4:00 p.m. Concert with Hand Full of Luvin’