Monday, January 5, 2009

Olympic Peninsula Community Inaugural Ball

Celebrate the Renewal of America’s Promise at the Olympic Peninsula Community Inaugural Ball

Olympic Cellars invites the public to join in commemorating the inauguration of President Barack Obama and in sharing a passion for change

On Jan. 20, just 15 days from now, the winds of change will begin to blow across the nation from Washington, D.C. all the way to the “Other Washington” and the city of Port Angeles. President-elect Barack Obama’s commitment to leadership sets aside partisanship, unites the nation around shared values and ideals and inspires hope for a new day. His inauguration is cause for celebration.

Olympic Cellars Winery, with much support from the local community, invites the public to celebrate this historic inauguration at the Olympic Peninsula Community Ball on Tuesday, January 20, at the Naval Elks Lodge in Port Angeles. The event, which features a no host bar, appetizers, live music by Fat Chance and big-screen coverage of inauguration day events, will take place from 6:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. “Molly Rivard, manager of our retail shop, stepped out of her comfort zone along with thousands of other Americans last year, to campaign door-to-door for Barack Obama,” says Olympic Cellars Owner Kathy Charlton. “Molly exemplifies the type of informed, involved, active citizens we need to help drive change at the community level. Together we must act locally and think globally to help renew America’s promise. The Community Inaugural Ball is an opportunity to unite in sharing our passion for that kind of change.”

An East-West Connection“Further,” Charlton continues, “Molly and I are both fond of acknowledging ‘signs’ when they appear to us. The sign that Port Angeles should host a West Coast Inaugural Ball hit us both between the eyes – and it came in the form of a history lesson.”

Port Angeles was established in 1862 via an executive order issued by President Abraham Lincoln. The town site came to be known as the “Second National City” following the federal government’s establishment of Washington D.C. Tributes to Lincoln's influence are found in the naming of Lincoln Street in the heart of town, Lincoln School, and Lincoln Park.

In 2009, the United States will commemorate the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. President-elect Obama (who, like Lincoln, is from Illinois) has approved A New Birth of Freedom as his 2009 inaugural theme, a phrase taken from a lesser-known part of Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.
“It’s a sure sign,” says Charlton. “Thousands will be gathering in the First National City on this historic day. It’s time for the ‘Second National City’ in the ‘Other Washington’ to join our nation’s capital in celebrating a new day.”

Tickets for the Inaugural Ball must be purchased by January 13, and are available in Olympic Cellars’ tasting room, online at, or by phone at 360.452.0160. Tickets can also be purchased at Necessities & Temptations, located at 217 N. Laurel Street in Port Angeles, 360.457.6400. The cost is $20.00

Donations to this celebration of country, community and people are welcome. Call Olympic Cellars at 360.452.0160 if you’d like to contribute.

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