Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Romantic Get-Away Do and Don't

As many of you know, my husband and I used to live in Dallas before moving to Washington to take over winery operations. Shortly after getting married we flew to Seattle to meet his family!

One afternoon Ralph announced that he was going to take me sightseeing in downtown Seattle. We were in the car looking at a map when his sister, Jan, came running towards the car with a large black garbage bag. She handed it to Ralph who put it in the back seat mumbling that he needed to drop it off at bla-bla-bla… I didn’t really listen and didn’t ask questions. I was busy looking through Seattle magazine picking out a restaurant for dinner.

Our first stop was supposed to be the Space Needle but as we turned a corner, Ralph pointed out the rounded towers of the Westin Hotel. He had mentioned long ago that he always wanted to stay at that hotel some day and see the view of the city by night but that wasn’t even registering in my mind.

All of sudden he pulled into the hotel lobby driveway, turned to me and said, “Surprise, we’re staying here. I love you!”

Well, I’m in a romantic glow as the bellman opens my door and welcomes us to The Westin. Next question was to Ralph, “Sir, can I get your luggage?”

I watch Ralph’s face turn a bright shade of red, and he stuttered with a reply about a surprise and handed the bellman The Black Plastic Garbage Bag!

Well, maybe I did feel a little embarrassed checking in like a Bag Lady, but I got over that really fast. Just think about the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”… I know it’s a chick flick, but I get the same warm and fuzzy feelings watching that movie as I do thinking about my “Romantic Get-Away in a Bag”.

So by all means… plan your get-away soon and maybe pack a suitcase first ‘cause clothes get sort of wrinkled stuffed in a bag. Last piece of advice… if it’s a special “decade” type birthday celebration, don’t give your sweetie a set of knives… even though we still use them to this day. Red Wine, Chocolate and “Your Heart” are all we need.

Valentine Cheers, Kathy

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