Friday, June 12, 2009

This Working Girl Can Buy More Shoes

A few years ago I came up with a new resolution which was pretty radical: Nothing new can come into my home until something leaves via re-gifting, donation or passing down to my kids. This I communicated to my husband who was quite impressed. My rationalization… this would stop my impulse buys.

Now, of course, this resolution did NOT involve the major 3 purchases in my life: clothes, jewelry and shoes. I’ve listed these in alpha order because for me priority depends on the mood of the day that sends me on the search for instant gratification.

Since clothes were not part of my resolution I needed a solution for limited closet space. About a year ago I donated clothes to an auction to make more room and then totally regretted the decision. While I hadn’t worn them in years I didn’t realize I had ‘attachment syndrome’. Now, I’ve gone so far as to buy those suck-um-up bags to store some favorites & open up a bit of space in my closet.

My rationalization for “plastic storage” was my new fashionista sense of style “closet vintage with a hippie, hobo-lux look”. Bottom line I just can’t seem to part with clothes or shoes, that have special memories or cost too much or I might wear some day and for sure the style will be in fashion again!

I’m getting to the shoe part…

We all know the fashion industry has played with our heads on the whole sizing game for years. Yes, I can wear a smaller size then I did in high school but everyone knows the clothes are now made bigger.

Shoes on the other hand, I thought were just the opposite. I had to buy larger sizes because the cost of making shoes had gone up so the same size shoe just kept getting smaller.

Obviously, I had no real logic for my rationalization but it worked in my head until I uncovered this really cute pair of sandals in my closet. They had the perfect heel height for jeans that had shrunk in length.

So depressing, I couldn’t even slip all 5 toes into the sandal. Then I decided maybe my feet were sweaty, so put some knee high hose on. That didn’t work. Then I thought, aaah, I ate Mexican food last night and my feet are swollen from all that salt. Wrong. The next day, I still couldn’t get my dang feet in those sandals.

I lamented my fate during another Working Girl meeting. I blurted out this whole story as if it was the major crisis of the day. Molly just looked at me, as only Molly can do, and said point blank, “Kathy, your feet spread with age”.

Feet, too! Is nothing sacred on my body? Back to rationalization... I have a few better excuses. I’m blaming it on the winery and moving to the Northwest. My feet just got used to work shoes, cement and socks in Birkenstock style sandals – that’s why I have feet spread, it’s not from age. I haven’t had the opportunity or the time to train my feet back into cute shoes that are in my closet!

So what does a girl gotta do? I hauled out all my size 8 shoes.

I now have a goal. I have shoe holes to fill and I can do it without a guilty conscience. It’s also my birthday month.

I really do need to stop rationalizing. Shop, enjoy and finish the day with a glass of Go Girl Red!

Cheers and TGIF, Kathy

Ps. Maybe that’s why I love National Flip Flop Day at Olympic Cellars. I don’t have to worry about feet spread!

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