Monday, August 31, 2009

Behind the Cellar Doors: #1 My Garage

Behind the Cellar Doors...

With my trusty flip video in hand, my plan is to chronicle what it's like to be the winemaker and a Working Girl at Olympic Cellars over the next few months.

To start it off, I took a video of my garage, the portal to my home office. For me this is where each day begins before I go to the winery or travel to promote our wines.

Why the garage... well it's better looking than my office with a lot of history of the winery. But I will suck it up and let you see my office on the next video (Yikes... an office tells you so much about a person!)

Then I will take you behind the scenes of one of the oldest wineries in Washington.

Together we'll orchestrate the delivery of grapes, hold our aching backs as we shovel each ton of grapes during crush, sweat with us during punchdown, hear the music of the cellar during fermentation, get purple finger nails and hands during press, blend wine for bottling, be part of the bottling crew...

And if that's not enough...

Benoit, our winemaker, will take us through the winemaking process from grape to bottle.

And, during the busy harvest, the tasting room keeps rocking...

You'll experience a day behind our bar and visit with our guests, throw a harvest party and grape stomp, attend a winemaker dinner and finally enjoy some wine with the Olympic Cellars team at the end of a long busy day... Benoit, Molly, Lisa and me.

So stay tuned for this documentary of a artisan, full production winery in Washington on the Olympic Peninsula.


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