Monday, August 17, 2009

Yum, YUM... Julie and Julia

Just got back from the movies... Julie and Julia. Spur of the moment, ate some French Brie to get in the mood (actually that was all that I had in the fridge).

Still laughing out loud. Ate a whole box of popcorn with double butter and I know in the morning I will have Feet Spread from the salt! Oh well, it was worth it.

I did come away with an idea to replace The Wine Advocate Rating System developed by Robert Parker. Instead of rating wines on a 50 to 100 point scale...

Wines will be rated on my new "Yum" scale. It's a whole lot simpler and transcends all geographical and language barriers...

Yummiest (I want what she's having!)

I'm just about to open a bottle of Amarone. I'm already anticipating the Yummiest, best ever, end to a perfect day.


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