Friday, September 11, 2009

Behind the Cellar Doors: #2

My Office
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Before we get to the winery, I thought I'd suck it up and show you my office. This picture is the real deal, I so wish I had something with my hair lying flat. But in the honor of grape stomp weekend... these are my infamous Lucille Ball Grape Stomping pj's that I've about worn out.

In the beginning I used to stand behind the bar 7 days a week... for two years. I soon realized that if this winery was going to take big steps forward, I needed to work "on" my winery, not "in my winery". My mantra now is Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Business!

So Molly came to work part time and then slowly took over the management of the tasting room and became my partner. There's another story on how I met Molly "trying to learn to cook" (she flunked me) but she was straightforward and at the same time gracious with her words. I knew then we would work together well (both straight shooters) and our customers would love her!

So off I went back home to my office. The best part... I get up, make my instant coffee (you got it right, but it's organic) and then I paddle down the stairs each day in my flannel pajamas about 8 a.m. (after all this Working Girl is retired from TI). Bed time is about mid-night.

Running a winery requires you to wear many hats... maybe that's why the Working Girl White character on the label wears a hat... I usually say I've had a lazy hair day (the picture above should be permanently deleted). Anyhow my job duties still extend to 7 days a week and include writing/on-line marketing, planning events and promotion opportunities, working festivals, wine dinners, cellar rat duties (shoveling grapes and cleaning) and running the production side of the winery (bottling, harvest, accounting and compliance with state and government regulations and reporting) - my least favorite job. My favorite is still meeting our guests and working the bar. Owning a small business is pretty special and one of the hardest jobs I'm ever tackled.

I've already shot the first day of harvest and crushing Roussane and Chardonnay. But first I'll post the highlights of our Italian Festival and Grape Stomp on Saturday, September 12. It will up close and personal... with a "stomper and a swamper".

Cheers, Kathy

YouTube video of my office

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