Friday, September 4, 2009

Ode To Summer

Ode to Summer on the North Olympic Peninsula

Oh beautiful warm summer
Please don’t go!
You’ve been so consistent
That we’re so resistant
To Fall’s cold and rain that could come in an instant

The seasons must change for all to be well
And we know we need the rain for rivers to swell
So let the rain be by night and sun be by day
So we can continue to frolic and play

So please Mother Nature grant us this wish
Your magnanimous gesture would make you a “dish”

An extended and glorious Indian Summer
Would ensure a grape harvest that would be a “HUMMER”

Wayside Vineyard at Olympic Cellars.
The vineyard was named after the original farm owned by the Chambers' family. Our barn was built in 1890.

Last year during our annual Grape Stomp I rang the small bell on the left to "Ring In The Harvest". Tinkle, Tinkle was the sound... so small that the crowd laughed.

I immediately said... "with each vintage the bell will get larger". Well, how about this bell! BONG BONG

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