Friday, November 6, 2009

Liquid Sunshine for the Thanksgiving Table

Today on the Peninsula it is intermittently pouring down rain with brief outbursts of sunshine and rainbows. When I dropped off my cleaning the lady at the counter said, "Enjoy the Liquid Sunshine!" Hadn't heard that phase before but loved it along with her friendly smile.

Of course, for me, my mind eventually gets to wine. "Sunshine in a Glass" is my favorite description for our Lemberger Rosé, a.k.a. Rosé the Riveter. The wine is fresh, crisp and doesn't over power food.

Benoit, my French foodie and our winemaker, thinks that wine made from Lemberger grapes is one of the best food pairing wines. Being French, he always has a small glass of wine when he takes lunch and it's always Lemberger.

During the holidays we make lots of different side dishes and desserts, usually our favorites from handed-down family recipes.

The highlight of the meal is not the food but "gathering" with those we love. I like to pick wines that enhance and not crowd out all the different flavors, especially Aunt Edna's Green Been Casserole with French Fried Onions or better yet... corn pudding! Now don't laugh, we all have those handed down family recipes. It wouldn't be the same without the tradition!

Happy Holidays, Kathy
Olympic Cellars Winery

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