Monday, November 23, 2009

Wine Whisk: Aroma-Therapy For Your Wine

I was working through a pile at my desk yesterday and came across sales material for a Wine Whisk that I had picked up at the San Francisco Gift Market. Remember thinking then... what will they invent next to sell to wine lovers or folks looking for the next gadget to buy for wine loving friends.

The Wine Whisk booth at the gift market was packed. Molly, Lisa and I inched our way to the front and were totally speechless. There were all these glasses of wine being "whisked" like scrambled eggs. We backed out of the crowd and burst into laughter.

All I could think was... Benoit will kill us if we bought this gadget for the winery. Whisking is not in his top three ways to aerate his beautiful wines.

But, in our time starved lives, maybe just maybe, this whisk might be a good thing. So I bought one and never told Molly or Lisa. I knew they would make fun of me.

Also, should have done a little research on-line before my test of this product... opened a really good bottle of wine and poured it into one of my crystal glasses. I got a little too energetic "trying to beat my wine into a frothy goodness". (Whisks are naturally meant for beating not for stirring and it didn't come with a warning.) It didn't take long... I broke my glass and spent the next 20 minutes cleaning up Syrah. The force of the words that passed my lips was aeration enough.

Since then I found the "Nerd Approved" website, the source for preposterous products. Their write-up on the whisk warns the user from being too zealous! And furthermore, the website also recommended a coordinated look... a link to purchase "whisk earrings".

Now my wine loving friends, you can have it all. Perfect holiday gifts or NOT.

Cheers, Kathy

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