Monday, November 16, 2009

The Working Girl's Basket

I had to dress in business attire a couple of weeks ago and tried to wear skirt and heels (big mistake).

Well, I guess it has been a long time since I pulled out panty hose because when I stretched the waist band, I heard the sound of old dried-out elastic that died with no stretch left. Ok, so I dug deeper into my drawer and came up with some appropriate colored tights that would work. But… the tights didn’t have much left in them either and kept riding down causing a tripping hazard at my knees. So back to my closet to try again (why couldn’t I just wear fleece)… and in the process I thought of this picture.

Back in 2004 a local artist, Katie Carlson, did 6 watercolors of Working Girls for a series of note cards. Our favorites included ‘3 Generations of Women Cooking Together’ to ‘Rosie Running for President’. I influenced this “hammock” picture. Guess the corporate image of a working girl was still in my mind and this was my vision of the perfect downtime image… briefcase and cell phone tossed on the ground, shoes off (my feet always hurt) and those damnable panty hose always sticking to me in the Dallas heat.

So last night arriving home from the winery after an event weekend I lugged in my basket filled to overflowing. As you can see, my basket is now my briefcase. Molly and I have been carrying our same baskets for over 6 years… hauling stuff in and out of the winery depending on what’s happening and what we need. For us these baskets are a god send, reducing the number of trips to load and unload our cars.

But, just like a junk drawer you’ve got to clean them out every once in a while. I lost my keys and we found them 6 months later at the bottom of Molly’s basket! Both our baskets look alike. I hate to venture a guess what’s at the bottom of mine.

So for the fun of it I videoed “the unpacking” last night…. Enjoy, Kathy


Colleen said...

Kathy, I too carry a basket, have for some time, can't live without it! chuckle...

CoCo said...

Kathy I just loved your basket - i never take mine off the kitchen table and take it anywhere though. Great Idea. I am painting the kitchen as i write to you and just moved the basket - found a great bar of chocolate in there made me laugh. Keep writing your journey your the best
Inn at Rooster Hill

CoCo said...

this was so funny - i have my own basket but it sits on my kitchen table - i empty it out everyonce in awhile but your article stirred me to check out what was stashed in there. Let me see - a chocolate bar - lots of business cards - a book that i need to finish - the to do list from some day i cant remember. Maybe I need to take my basket off the table and take it with me more and then i would be more apt to empty it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts with us. I love them
Inn at Rooster Hill