Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kathy, Are you twisted or what?

Since my email/blog, Christmas with the Hallmark Channel, I've received lots of well wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank you. Thank You. My "nose" or I should say my new nose thanks to skin grafts really appreciates it. My favorite email was from a close high school friend..."Kathy, are you twisted or what?" Well, maybe.

Many more asked the question... did you really watch all those Hallmark movies. No... but I watched a lot! I can't wear my glasses very long on my nose so reading, working, etc. gets curtailed and I'm plenty bored. I DVRd titles I liked and fast forwarded through the commercials and the really lame parts. But all movies, sad or funny, made a statement... don't whine, there is somebody always in a worse way, count your blessings and love your family.

My message... don't you ever put something off regarding your health. Be your own advocate and research your condition. Ask questions. Ask more questions until you're satisfied. I haven't posted "the pictures" after each surgery. If you want I'll send them to you if you need to literally scare yourself or a loved one to go to the dermatologist. And this condition was not even life threatening... just the basic garden variety basal skin cancer that eats flesh.

On a brighter note... my new Nose... Knows! I think I will come out with a better wine SNIFFER!

Cheers to 2010, Kathy
Olympic Cellars Winery

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