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Red Scarf Hearth Health Challenge

Love Yourself!

Red Scarf Hearth Health Challenge
21 Days to a Healthier Heart


Sales of Scarf Benefit Olympic
Medical Center Foundation

The Heart Scarf

You can wear it on your purse, backpack orlove yourself scarve gym bag. You can tie it to a baby stroller or your dog’s collar. You can give it to a man to hang from his rear view mirror or tuck it in his shirt pocket. Kids can wrap them on their bike handles or display them in their school locker. Wherever it is spotted, the red 2010 women’s heart health scarf is a reminder for all women to gain control of their heart health.

These red scarves are a visible symbol to “Love Yourself”, take your heart health into your own hands and take the challenge to make 21 healthy choices in support of your heart.

Each bandana-style scarf sells for $5 and is available at Olympic Cellars or you can Order Online.

Additional locations to purchase your scarf are Olympic Medical Center Foundation, Necessities and Temptations, The Toggery, Family Veterinary Clinic, The YMCA, Renaissance and participating local businesses in celebration of National Heart Month. (Updated as new locations are available.)

The Challenge: 21 days forms a habit - 21 days can change your life!

You will receive a red flyer when you buy your scarf that explains the 21 Day Challenge. It's simple. Just personally commit to 21 days of healthy choices from exercise, to food, to stress reduction or taking time for one’s self. The following 3 websites have a wealth of practical information and ideas.

Track your progress on a calendar. Make a check mark on every day you made a healthy choice! The back of the flyer has a February Calendar… a place to start.

Commit to the challenge anytime in the month of February and enter the drawing for some very special prizes. Drop by or fax in your contact information (space on back of the flyer) to Olympic Cellars Winery by March 1 and be entered into the drawing. The red flyer you received with your scarf is too dark red to fax. Click here for White Flyer Copy

The 21 Day Challenge Prizes

Pamela Hasting, author, artist, teacher and creator of beautiful, fun and inspirational Dolls agreed to design and make “The Love Yourself” Doll for our 21 Day Heart Health Challenge. Another symbol!

I can’t do Pamela’s bio justice so please visit her website. She offers classes in Port Angeles. Patterns for her dolls, along with artwork and books she’s written are available for sale. A picture of the“Love Yourself” Doll pattern will be available soon and Pamela will sell doll patterns on her website. In addition, there will be more drawing for 5 “heart necklaces”.

Raffle Tickets in support of Red, Set Go!

Heart Lunch hosted by the OMC Foundation, February 26

“A Women’s Life is in Her Purse” and we hold our heart’s health in our hands.

This Burberry Heart Tote (value $700) is symbolic of American Heart Month. Raffle tickets will be available at all scarf locations. Raffle tickets are $5 or 6 for $25.
Order Raffle Ticket

Many women are surprised to learn that heart disease is the #1 killer of American women and kills more women under the age of 45 than any other single disease. This year, funds raised by the silent auction, raffles and Fund A Need will be used to provide Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) to the Port Angeles and Sequim communities.

Scarf Sponsors

Ten area businesses have sponsored this unique scarf, including Olympic Cellars, Necessities & Temptations, The Toggery, Fors Financial Consulting, Victoria Express, Family Veterinary Clinic, Helen Elwood Allstate Insurance, Laurel Black Design, Karen Rogers Consulting and Olympic Medical Center. Each sponsor has a demonstrated history of supporting heart healthy activities in the local community and has made a commitment to “walking the talk” for heart health.

Local Businesses Offering Wellness Choices

  • Anytime Fitness 112 Del Guzzi Drive, Port Angeles 10131 Old Olympic Hwy., Sequim 28 days free. Pay a $39 deposit refundable after 15 visits. Use it or lose it… Designed to help you succeed. Trainer orientation included. Come as you are even if it’s just 10-15 minutes (no need to change clothes... just bring comfortable shoes). In addition five complimentary hydromassage sessions!
  • Synergy Health Alternatives 824 E. 8th St – Suite C, Port Angeles 461-3228 Cardio Pulse Wave Analysis (CPW) complimentary to 10 women. CPW analysis measures the elasticity of you cardiovascular system and the strength of your heart within 15 minutes.

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