Sunday, February 28, 2010

Join Us in Celebration of International Women's Day at Olympic Cellars

Local celebration features video produced by MADRE, an international women’s organization deeply involved in Haitian relief efforts

Womanfest, a non-profit organization offering empowering experiences for Olympic Peninsula women, and Olympic Cellars Winery will host a local celebration of International Women’s Day highlighting the efforts of MADRE, an international women’s human rights organization, to deliver medication and medical supplies to Haitian earthquake victims via the Dominican Republic. Women are invited to gather at the winery on Wed., March 10 beginning at 6 p.m. and share homemade soup, bread and wine by the glass.

At 7 p.m. Olympic Cellars Owner Kathy Charlton will give a brief history of the celebration of International Women’s Day on Olympic Peninsula, and Womanfest Board Member Karen Hanan will introduce a video produced by MADRE specifically for the event.

MADRE’s efforts to design and carry out relief efforts in Haiti in partnership with Zanmi Lasante, a Haitian healthcare organization, exemplifies what International Women’s Day is all about – the economic, political and social achievements of women. We want to recognize these efforts, educate ourselves and find opportunities to support the Haitian women who are caretakers of their communities.

The celebration is open to the entire community. Daughters and sons… bring your parents!”

A suggested $10.00 donation will support MADRE’s relief efforts. In addition, Olympic Cellars will donate 30% of revenues from purchases of wine by the glass.

MADRE’s Mission & Philosophy
MADRE works in partnership with community-based women’s organizations worldwide to address issues of health and reproductive rights, economic development, education and other human rights.

According to MADRE board member Marie St. Cyr and Yifat Susskind, MADRE's policy and communications director, it is not enough in the aftermath of the earthquake to ensure that Haitian women receive aid. Women in Haitian communities must also be integral to designing and carrying out relief efforts. When relief is distributed by women, it has the best chance of reaching those most in need. That’s not because women are morally superior. It is because their roles as caretakers in the community means they know where every family lives, which households have new babies or disabled elders, and how to reach remote communities even in disaster conditions. Moreover, women in the community have expertise about the specific problems women and their families face during disasters.

Rather than replicating the work of existing organizations, relief and reconstruction programs should leave resources and training in the hands of community women who thereby become better equipped to rebuild their lives and communities on a stronger foundation. What Haiti needs most in the long-term is the resilience that comes from having responsive democratic government and vibrant health, education and social institutions. MADRE is working with women in the wake of this earthquake to build that resilience.

For further information about the International Women’s Day celebration, call Olympic Cellars at 360.452.0160 or visit

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympic Cellars Political Cartoon

I'm sure you've been as glued to the Winter Olympic Games as I've been... although I fall asleep before night's end and miss all the best events.

I can't help, though, but remember our 'little tussle' with the USOC back in 2007 and 2008. Fortunately all is well and the winery kept its name. I do have a momento that most wineries don't get... a political cartoon! I don't know if I ever shared this with you or not... a framed copy sits on my desk. Maybe this is another Working Girl character or even a new wine... "Bottled Up".

Olympic Cellars has won some 2010 gold medals, too. Dungeness Red 2007, Cabernet Franc 2006 and Working Girl White! I've been toasting the winery this last week, enjoying each of the wines which are pure gold.

Cheer, Kathy

Drawing Tuesday - 21 Day Heart Challenge

American Heart Month and February are just about over... but you still have time to take the 21 Day Heart Challenge . This challenge is between you and yourself and no one else . All you have to do is make the commitment to make healthy choices for 21 days. Then just fax or email me your contact information by March 1 so you can be entered into the drawing for the "Love Yourself" Doll that will support, inspire and love you for years to come.

So let me tell you the truth about me... I've started the 21 day challenge more than a few times this month . And that's OK, because my Red Heart Scarf bandana and the doll keep reminding me to take care of myself. The best part... on the scarf it says "quiet your inner critic". Amen to that. One day at a time.

I can tell you, though, I approach my day and my decisions differently especially with the red scarf tied around my purse handles. The message doesn't change... Love Yourself!

Finally you may have to fight me for the doll because she has been my partner... whispering encouragement along the way. Designed by a Port Angeles artist, Pamela Hastings , this art sculpture will be treasured by you and handed down in your family, I'm sure.

Ok, light up the winery fax and my email ... Cheers, Kathy
360-452-3782 or

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You Hold Your Heart In Your Hands

Red Scarf Heart Challenge continues...

I told you about a very special prize for the 21-Day Challenge. Pamela Hastings, a Port Angeles artist, created the "Love Yourself" Heart Doll for American Heart Month.

Imagine this doll looking at you every day... silently encouraging you and quieting your inner critic.

All you have to do is commit to yourself that you will make healthy choices for 21 days. By March 1 fax your contact information to me at Olympic Cellars 360-452-3782 and you will be entered in the drawing for the Heart Doll.

Love Yourself, Kathy

Vineyard Angel Gets Enhancements

Our Vineyard Angel is a bit more sassy these days. Remember last October she got a full body makeover. The weather really dried out the oak of her body and she was literally falling apart.

Libby Sweetser gave her a face lift and artists, Cynthia and John Dash, designed her body to withstand the wind and the elements of all seasons.

In October 2009 when our new and improved Vineyard Angel was installed to once again watch over and protect our small vineyard there was much discussion (pretty hilarious) on the part of her anatomy that was missing.

Again Cynthia and John took the challenge. My only input... "Nothing over the top, tasteful, in proportion."

Everyday that I drive up to the winery, Our Vineyard Angel makes me smile. A great way to start my day. Cheers, Kathy