Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wild Harvest Creamery (Only at Olympic Cellars on Sunday)

Northwest Wine & Cheese Tour
April 17-18, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Another Creamery not to be missed on the tour and only at winery on Sunday..

Suzanne Tyler is the owner & operator of Wild Harvest Creamery, as well as our resident master cheesemaker (or “Big Cheese”). She has been handcrafting cheese for more than twenty five years, starting out in her kitchen, then studying under some of the best artisanal cheesemakers here in the Pacific Northwest.

Suzanne holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Washington State University in Biology and Genetics and has fifteen years of experience as a veterinary assistant.

Dr. Mike Tyler has practiced Veterinary Medicine for twenty three years in Washington State, including the last fifteen in Sequim at Greywolf Veterinary Hospital .In addition to caring for all our animal’s veterinary needs, Mike is developing a small orchard at Wild Harvest filled with fruits and nuts that thrive in Washington State.

Aaron Tyler is a student at Jefferson Community School in Port Townsend. Aaron helps out in a lot of ways here at Wild Harvest, although now that he is sixteen, his favorite job is driving the tractor.

As stewards of the land, the Tyler Family practices sustainable farming, limiting their size to support their local community.

A rotational grazing system is employed that harnesses the complementary nature of our livestock.

Their Goats (forty Alpine, La Mancha & Oberhasli dairy goats) and Sheep (East Friesian and Locune crosses) feed on the verdant fields that surround our farmstead, allowing them to choose the browse and grasses that best suits their dietary needs. They also do a great job of mowing, leaving less work for our herd of humans!

They strive to ensure that our farm is as efficient as possible. Nothing is wasted. For example, in cheese-making, we separate the curds from the whey.

The curds become our tasty Wild Harvest Cheeses. The leftover whey is fed to our pigs and turkeys. Not only does this honor the contribution made by our ruminants, it also supplies the pigs and turkeys with an excellent nutritional supplement.

It’s a sustainable system in which all parts contribute to the whole. We believe the end result is much greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Specialty Handcrafted Cheeses include Chevre, Smoked Paprika Chevre, Alder Smoked Nettle wrapped Chevre, Positively Pesto Chevre and Dill and Garlic Chevre.

Looking forward to sharing our wines, meeting the cheesemakers and tasting all their wonderful cheeses.

Cheers, Kathy

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