Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Working Girls, Our Mothers and Their Advice

Last year I did a blog on “Mom-isms”. You know… those one-liners that cause an immediate visceral, flash-back.

I can just see my Mom wagging her finger at me, “Kathleen Ann… if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times…” And one of my favorites, “you’re not leaving the house dressed like that!” It seemed that I might have pushed the limit of her patience a bit too often.

But, one-liners or hand-holding advice… Mom was pretty much always right. There was wisdom and life’s lessons passed on that I will never forget.

My Mom would have loved the Working Girl Wines. She was always supportive and my biggest fan. And, she expected my best at whatever I did… waitress, receptionist, telemarketer, bookkeeper, dog walker, nursing school drop-out, college, and then my first job away from home.

I believe she would have said, “We’re All Working Girls and we can do anything!”

Mother’s Day is a time to “honor” and remember. It would mean a lot if you would share “your mother’s best advice” with me and all who decide to post. Your gem might just be what one of us needs!

I finally set-up an Olympic Cellars Facebook page. Click on discussions. (I guess you first have to become a fan first, I’m still learning.)

I’m not sure how it will be determined right now, but there will be a favorite “Mother’s Best Advice” chosen who will receive a $100 gift certificate to spend as you like at Olympic Cellars or on-line.

Cheers to all our Mothers… Kathy

PS. Mother's are our guests for complimentary wine tasting on Saturday and Sunday, May 8-9

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