Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Real Men Drink Lavender Wine

Okay, Okay... Let me explain.

While most of our grapes come from Eastern Washington, we do make a local wine from grapes grown right here on the Olympic Peninsula.

We pick Madeleine Angevine (a grape originating from Germany) at Dungeness Bay Vineyard just about a mile from my home. The 2009 wine is our 4th vintage and I believe our best ever.

The first couple of vintages were not all that ripe and the wine just needed something to give it more flavor and depth. (Still a bit too cool on the Peninsula even for cool weather grapes. No global warming for us.)

Lisa Martin who has a chemistry background had just started working at the winery and suggested infusing lavender into the wine because the citrus notes of the wine and lavender naturally pair well together.

So we did... and the "New Blend" was born and aptly name, Le Mélange Nouveau.

I've been so thrilled with the 2009 vintage that we started tasting it over the 4th instead of waiting for our official release date of July 10. I justified it to myself as test marketing.

Our guests are loving it although many of the men declined to taste that "Lavender Wine".

But, the men who were adventurous were surprised how much they enjoyed it and one gentleman Made My Day!

To quote him (although he wants to remain anonymous), "It really is good. I guess Real Men Do Drink Lavender Wine".


Ps. Hope you can join use for our Wine Release Weekend on July 10-11

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