Thursday, August 26, 2010

Benoit's Final Goodbye Email

Dear Friends/Customers/Wine Drinkers,

Friday will be my last day at Olympic Cellars after almost 6 years with the Working Girls. I was in Pasco and came to help during crush 2004 then stayed for a few more years.

We did a lot in 6 years and I’m proud to leave the winery in the shape it is today. Olympic Cellars has now all equipment and structure to compete with the best winery of the state. We bought a new press, a new destemmer, some new pumps, new barrels, a new forklift. We are getting grapes from the best vineyard of the state and have a good reputation for the quality of our wines, from the working girls wines to our fancy Cabernet Sauvignon from Paul Champoux Vineyard.

I had 6 great years here but it is time for me to move on and go back to my home land. As you know I am going back to school to graduate for the National Diploma of Oenology, a two years program. That was my intention 14 years ago when I started my degree in viticulture and oenology. I wanted to get this degree, but after 3 years, I got a good job offer in Bordeaux and was probably just impatient to work (and get a paycheck).

Today I have the opportunity to go back to school with a scholarship from the French Government (Thank you my socialist country…) and I thought it was a good time to go back home, finish this degree and start something new in 2 years (don’t ask me what, I have no idea).

We have 3 great vintages in bottles and one in barrels and I am sure Virginie will do a really good job with this new coming vintage. As my family-in-law live on the Peninsula, I will come back here probably at least one time a year and will follow the evolution of the wines we have today, some of them can be cellared for several years and it will be great to follow them aging.

Thanks all of you for drinking my wines, for your support and have all a great end of summer.

Olympic Cellars Winemaker

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