Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hot August Nights - Did I Jinx the Weather?

#@!*&?# I can't say what I'm thinking.

The Weather is a Changing... Hot August Nights! Now who coined that phase....?

Did I jinx the whole weather pattern on the Peninsula?

Last week a sundress... this Saturday night, well pull out your fleece.

But, who cares. We're from the Northwest. We have layers of clothes in our trunks. A little cold, a little rain... we're tough!!!!

Rain or Shine the concert goes on. Haywire is a local favorite. The concert benefits the Girls Scholarship Fund of the Jet Set Soroptimist organization. We can't let them down.

So pack your clothes and we'll cuddle close under the patio if necessary....

I send the Wine Gods an offering and you a personal msg via YouTube.

Enjoy, Kathy

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