Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vinturi Aerator - As Essential as a Corkscrew

As a winery owner you would think I would use the newest and coolest wine gadgets. Guess I just see so many that I'm a bit jaded. I still use my 30 year old wing tip corkscrew... it's simple & works every time.

At the winery we sell the Vinturi Aerator. I noticed we could hardly keep them in stock. So this weekend I used it for our 2007 Neuharth Legacy Cabernet Sauvignon released for our 30th anniversary in 2009. We knew it was too soon to release but we wanted our best to commemorate this anniversary.

This Cab is a gorgeous, complex wine with tannins that I think still need softening with additional aging. The tannins were masking the fruit. When we pour this wine in the tasting room, we open it the night before to let it breathe.

Well, it was our first concert of the season and the Working Girls wanted the Cab... after all, we worked hard and deserved our best bottle of wine. No time for breathing. So we opened the Neuharth Cab... tasted it first then used the Vinturi.

I'm now a believer in technology I don't understand. Immediate Gratification! The wine poured through the Vinturi was Night and Day Difference. The nose was noticeably more aromatic, the tannins had softened and the fruit came through in luscious elegant layers.

Bottom line, I now have one in my house. It is as essential as a corkscrew.

Enjoy the Wine Geek video I found on YouTube about this same product. (It mentions a $50 price tag. At the winery it is $40.) And, I would have no problem taking the Venturi to a restaurant.


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