Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Christening of the "Working Girl" Wooden Rowing Boat

I was very proud and honored to be asked by the Olympic Peninsula Rowing Association if they could name one of their rowing boats "Working Girl".

This was not a hard decision to make! "Of course", I said, and tell me more...
  • 70% of the rowers are women
  • Rowing is a lifelong, low impact form of exercise
  • Rowing can be year round, on the water or off using an ergometer (rowing machine)
  • More scholarships are available each year to women rowers
  • Rowing machines are in schools (elementary to high school). Electronics on the machines allow kids to race and connect with other kids around the world.

This is just what Olympic Cellars and the Working Girls support. So, tell me about the boat (I was really hooked after hearing this story.)

  • The wooden rowing shell was built for Washington State University (my husband's alma mater)
  • Named the "City of Naches"
  • Built in 1947 by George Pocock (In 1936 , the UW-eight won Olympic gold in Berlin in a Pocock shell). He also supported and was very active in high school rowing programs.
  • By 1999 'she' belonged to the Everett Rowing Association and was surplus to their needs
  • We refer to the Working Girls (wines that is) just like a boat is referred to as "she or her"
  • The Everett Association was about to sell her to a NW restaurant chain to be converted to a SALAD BAR (no way)
  • The Orcas Island Rowing Association saved and refurbished her
  • Olympic Peninsula "Y" Rowing Association purchased her in 2009 when the rowing program began
  • The crew of the Working Girl in an intergenerational team of 8 women and 2 men

Would you be interested in Sponsoring the crew of the 'Working Girl' in their first race... 2010 Victoria Classic Rowing Regatta?

Yes and Can I Do T-Shirts!!!

Ralph and I will be cheering the crew this Saturday, September 4 in Victoria!

The video was taken on August 27 when we Christened the "Working Girl".

Cheers, Kathy

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