Thursday, September 30, 2010

Original Handyman at Oysterfest

The first festival I poured my wine at after purchasing Olympic Cellars Winery in 1999 and moving to Washington was Oysterfest in Shelton. So it is near and dear to my heart.

This is a festival like no other... rain or shine the fairgrounds at Shelton are full. A lot of folks seem to make it their annual gathering, RV spaces full with laughter and the smell of good food whiffing into the air.

When I saw my first Oyster Shucking contest it took my breath away. Hand-eye coordination, a very sharp knife and then you add "whose the fastest", holly Toledo. I found a video on YouTube below.

The wine garden is a popular building with lots of local wineries... plan you sipping time because you can't take the wine outside. But on a rainy day... there's no better place to be. We will have all the favorite wines of our Oysterfest friends. Stop by our table.

This year, our original Handyman, Michael Smith, will be pouring our wines. We dedicated Handyman Red, our Cabernet blend and one of the Working Girl Brand wines, to Michael. He is our "go to guy" from helping move barrels to shoveling grapes. He has been with the winery longer then I have owned it.

I will miss Oysterfest. Darn! Enjoy for me and also enjoy our wines.

Best, Kathy

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