Friday, October 29, 2010

Aim Pop Fire... You Took Out a Vampire!


I can't think of a more perfect wine for Halloween.

At a party? Deep dark wine bubbles to the top of your glass as you sip and stir your bubbling caldron with your witches broom.

Handing out candy? One Hershey for Batman and two for you... sip sip.

Watching one of the top ten Halloween Movies... A Nightmare on Elm Street? Drink champagne... no nightmares! I'm not making this up :)

Or, maybe the night is Dark, the fog is rolling in, the trees are dripping creepy with rain and the wind is howling... or is it the werewolves???
Pop a bottle of Sparkling Twilight... Aim, Pop, Fire... Bulls Eye! You took out a vampire!

Saturday only... Sparkling Twilight wants to fly out of the winery and protect you on Halloween. Mention my email and I will take $10 off.

I really have to do this... need to provide you with extra protection.... especially on the Olympic Peninsula!

Cheers, Kathy
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