Saturday, December 4, 2010

Are You "One" With Your Wine Glass

While I know that the better a wine glass is -- the right lead content, the right shape and the correct rim -- it enhances your tasting experience. I also have my favorite glass which does not meet any of these standards.

This glass is “just me”. It was given to me by my best friend who knows my most favorite flower in the world is Sunflowers. The glass is literally drenched in bright yellow flowers and green leaves making it impossible to see the wine, the legs of the wine on the glass or the color of the wine. But I don’t care because the nuances I miss drinking wine from this glass is more than made up for by the warmth of memories. I will hand wash this glass each evening just so it is ready for the next day.

Molly, Lisa and I all shop together for the gifts at the winery. We all have to agree before we buy anything. And if you know any of us, we all have strong opinions.

Our space at the winery is limited so what we buy has to “speak to us”, i.e. we need to immediately relate and can think of someone in our lives that would just love it. If it meets that test and even better yet is made by a small or fair trade business then it’s a done deal.

For the holidays we have a large selection of what I describe as ‘hostess, co-worker, girlfriend gifts’ in an affordable price range which I can almost guarantee won’t hit the “re-gifting” shelf because they will be treasured. When you pick out a gift it will remind you of the person you’re buying it for and that makes it special… for you and them.

And if you want to buy wine… you’re at the right place. We’ve always specialized in a wider variety of wines because we know that individuals’ tastes vary. The wines are award winning… white, red, dry, sweet and sparkling. All award winning including my own "YUM" judging criteria... Yummy, Yummier and Yummiest

Happy Holidays,
Molly, Lisa and Kathy

PS. I just gave myself an idea... I'll do a video. Stay tuned

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PS. Just gave myself and idea… I’ll do a short video for those of you that can’t come to the winery. Stay tuned.

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