Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ladies of the Night to Working Girls

You might be wondering where this blog is heading but bear with me.

Ralph and I are on “working vacation” in Cabo. Both of us with laptops at the pool (and towels over our heads so we can see our monitors). But we do take time… walk the beach and discuss everything under the sun, literally!

Our hotel beach front walking distance is limited by a huge rock outcropping at one end. The first day, I took this picture. Really wanted to climb over the rocks and see what was on the other side, but as you can see that would have taken some climbing gear.

So take a good look. What do you see?

At first I saw a whale, breaching in the Straits of Juan de Fuca where I live. Then I thought the whale had that carved, indigenous Indian, NW art style.

Ralph and I stood there so long staring at this monolith that we began to draw a crowd. People wondering what we were looking at and why I was taking so many pictures. Conversation started… folks from Chicago, Montana, and Columbia, MO. One young boy thought it looked like some animated monster from a movie I’d never heard of…

What I quickly realized was that each of us looked at this huge hunk of rock from a different perspective... sort of our own personal photo lens.

Anyway, it got me thinking. And I realized Working Girl Wines and this “rock sculpture” have a lot in common.

Our wine labels are seen through each individual’s set of experiences. And often the labels start conversations. People definitely have different opinions and also judge the potential of the wine by its label. The old cliché, ’you can’t judge a book by its cover’ definitely applies.

Sometimes our wines get stuck near all the other labels that are considered “sarcastic and irreverent” like Fat Bastard, Bitch and Frog’s Piss (yuk!). Yet some of these wines have earned prestigious awards just like our Working Girls wines.

Many of you know the story of how our wine brand got named “Working Girl”… very much tied to the three working women who are in their second careers and now own and operate Olympic Cellars Winery. Our ages are spread across multiple decades giving us quite a different perspective and breadth of experience… a good combination for running a business.

When we look at our Working Girl wine labels we see strong, diverse women working each day to make a living for herself and her family.

But there are times as we pour the wine in our tasting room or at wine events, we hear the same old “trying to be funny” comments or snide remarks about the real “Working Girls”… you know the Ladies of the Night. We often keep our replies light or launch right into the description of the wine ignoring these derogatory comments.

But as I think about this, why should we let anyone else control us by their bad behavior? We always tell people it’s about taking the name and image of the Working Girl BACK. Maybe in the past ‘working girl’ referred to prostitution but not anymore. Back then it was the only job women were allowed to make money at. But not now.

So, I think the Working Girl brand name is an important statement about strength and ownership of words.

And, as I so often say…. I am Women, Here Me Pour!!!!

Cheers, Kathy

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