Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ode to a Slug

Harley and I visit the outdoors one last time each night

Spring is upon us and our slug is back

Each night slowly crossing the driveway toward the flower bed

Harley’s favorite sniff of the night

I stand there with flash light in hand looking at the slug

Listening to the waves on the spit, loud but still quiet

Stars some nights, rain others but our slug moves slowly ever diligent

Toward her goal and back before the morning light

Before Harley, I never heard the night or met our slug

Missing the beauty, breathing slower… through the eyes of our slug.


Savor the Flavors

Let your senses take over… yes it’s hard to slow down to a slug’s pace.

But try. Block out the world.

Test it. Just for the sheer pleasure. Close your eyes. Take a bit of cheese, melt it in your mouth and sip some wine. Now isn’t this better?

Olympic Cellars, April 16-17 Port Angeles, WA

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