Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Build a Makeshift Closet Wine Cellar

My last blog... Buy To Store or Buy To Drink went into the gory details of wine storage. I recently came by this info on building out a closet wine cellar. Didn't seem too difficult or expensive... and leaves more of your disposable income for the wine you want!
While digging a large hole in the basement
would seem the most effective thing to do to best store your wine, that would be a major undertaking, and will cost you quite a bit. A closet wine cellar is ideal for the every day wine lover, and will probably only cost you around two, three hundred dollars. Be sure you are committed, however, because it's not always easy to convert back into a regular closet.
  • Find an empty, out of the way closet on the ground floor of your house.
  • Glue strips of 1" foam board to the walls and ceiling of the closet, using construction cement as a glue.
  • Replace the door with an insulated door (preferably steel). If you would like, you can also glue the foam to this.
  • Attach weather stripping to the edges of the door to make sure that no air gets in or out—heat could ruin the wine.
  • Make sure that the temperature is relatively cool. There are numerous devices you can use to decrease the temperature in the closet—find one that suits your particular closet.
Cheers, Kathy