Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Olympic Cellars Winery Cat

Moakie, Our Winery Cat

It’s a very sad day as we’ve finally had to admit to ourselves that Moakie is no longer with us.

She was 20 years old and born in 1992 at Olympic Cellars when it was located in Sequim. And, I am told she is survived by one of her kittens from her only litter.

I met Moakie in 1999 when we purchased the winery and learned very quickly that this was “her” territory and “her” barn.

Her winery duties included mousing and greeting guests. Her leisure time revolved around the seasons. Spending her time outside when it is warm on the South side of the barn and stretched out on our couch in the tasting room as the weather turned cold.

About two years ago she decided to retire from her winery duties and took up residence in the eve of the barn. We moved her water, food, litter box and other cat essentials close to her burrow. She no longer came down to visit us and her night roaming decreased… no longer did we find hair balls on the top of wine pallets.

Her inner clock was still working up until the last few months because around 5 p.m. we would always hear her guttural meow… maybe saying good night or telling us to come up and check her food supply.

As Moakie became more of a recluse we would crawl under the eve to check on her, sometimes getting close enough to talk to her and maybe a little petting.

Then there was silence, no more meowing.

We’ve hunted, called and crawled through every inch of the barn. I’ve been told cats know when it is their time and probably left the barn. We’re surrounded by fields which were her favorite hunting grounds. I can still picture her, patiently waiting in that "cat stance" for the unsuspecting mouse.

We will miss you, Moakie, We love You.

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Sandra said...

RIP Moakie over the bridge where you can run and chase mousies again.