Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Business Recognized for Concert Series

Thank you Port Angeles Chamber for naming us September Business of the Month!

And, Thank You All for your support and attendance for this Summer’s Great Concert Series! Donations topped $15,000 to local charities.

We didn’t plan on doubling our music series this year to 8 concerts in July and August.  It just happened. There were more non-profits wanting to partner then the number of Saturday nights in August. Boy were we nervous especially about the weather…

The first concert I put the sunglasses on to greet guests because we had brilliant sun (so unexpected) and our “mole” eyes from the winter and rainy spring couldn’t handle the sun. Then it became sort of a joke each week… but now I’m a bit superstitious thinking those glasses have magical powers! We had sunshine every Saturday night!

Before the winery moved to our barn, music was a big part of its heritage. Many of you remember the 70s when the barn was a dance hall. We now say that the barn doesn’t only make good wine but hosts great music.

Music in the barn started in 2003 on Friday nights with jam sessions which then became scheduled performances. Our first Summer Concert series on Saturday night was 2005. Later it was renamed the Hot August Night … which you know isn’t always “Hot”.

This year we averaged 360 in attendance which included volunteers from the non-profits and staff. The Paper Boys concert was over 500++. We’ve already started planning next year with changes to enhance your concert experience.

We learned so much… thanks to Jerry Nichols who taught us how to park. One concert we had to turn folks away because we were out of parking (but we needed training to maximize our space.)

John Christensen and Gene Stashuk were the first to arrive and the last to leave. They were the sound guys... worked with the bands each week.

Mystery Bay seafood cooked for our guests after already a long day at local markets.

Molly handled the gillions of calls, ticket sales and getting us ready each week. Lisa was the point person for each concert, trained and coordinated the 15+ volunteers each week. I was the designated worrier.

Eileen Schmitz summed it all up as she and I stood behind the bar watching the happy, laughing dancers…  She said, “This is community”.

Thanks to your support we partnered with 7 non-profits and a young band on their next life’s journey and were able to donate $15,648.

Also 2013 is going to be pretty special… 10th anniversary of Music at the Barn, 10th anniversary of the Working Girl Wines and 10th anniversary of our first Grape Stomp (we may need to ring it back after a two year hiatus).

Stay tuned,

Ps. Harvest is just around the corner.
Olympic Cellars

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Lori said...

You do so many wonderful things! Really wish I could have made some of the events but will definitely be getting over for some fun at Olympic Cellars soon! We've missed our forays over there at least every few months.

Thanks for all the hard work and your generosity to the community.