Thursday, November 15, 2012

No Hay Problema

Anything I ask for...
No Problema, Everything is Possible

Sounds like I’m in Mexico and you’re right!

My husband, Ralph, and I have been making our annual November pilgrimage to recharge to a small fishing village North of Puerto Vallarta for the last three years. The place we stay is rustic but boasts fast wireless and good food. I worry about the speed of the internet and have the staff check it prior to arriving. I may be a little OCD, but my other priority is good wine which is checked with my luggage. So I’m not totally a lost cause.

Billed as a working vacation we pack up two laptops, two iPads, two iphones (now on the Mexican phone plan), and 8 inches of working files, yellow pads and pens. Then if there’s room we add some clothes.

I’m the worst… it takes me about 6 days to slow down and stop checking email every hour. I’m anxious… waiting for my creative marketing streak to kick-in because by November each year I’m brain dead. Finally, though, the music of the surf has me relaxed enough to count lizards on the ceiling.

2012 was a year of major change in my life. Ralph and I own our respective businesses or as they say the businesses own us. But anyhow, both past the age of 62++, we always said we wanted to work together instead of just working together in the same office.

So January 2012 I took over the operations of Target Focus Training and Lisa starting learning the ropes of the winery, managing its operations. While not in the tasting room much anymore, I still had my feet in the grapes, so to speak, with wine production, marketing and events.

Instead of enjoying a glass of wine at day’s end with the Working Girls in the tasting room, I toasted my computer with wine each evening. Harley, the winery dog in training, my constant companion.

2013 is beckoning, only 6 weeks away, and again life changes for this Working Girl.

We will be announcing some exciting changes at the winery, events, our business, and our products. I can tell you right now, 2013 will be over the top. The Working Girls of Olympic Cellars can’t wait.

So let me sign off… we will fly home tomorrow. Life speeds up again.

BUT before I go, let me leave you with this. I started my career in 1977 at Texas Instruments. A top chart, Grammy award winner song was “Afternoon Delight”.  I loved it. Heard it on the radio for months on my way to work and back. It’s my ring tone on my phone.

Yea, I know the lyrics were a bit sexually explicit, but if you listen to it with your eyes closed, it takes you into that special place with no iAnything.  It becomes a “State of Mind”.

Stayed tuned for 2013 at Olympic Cellars.

Everything Is Possible…

Cheers, Kathy

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