Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Winery Sasquatch

When our Olympic Peninsula Winery Association decided to bring back the Scarecrow Trail for this weekend’s Harvest Wine Tour my mind’s eye visualized a pretty traditional scarecrow with a winery theme… maybe a new version of our Vineyard Angel which is made from all parts of an oak barrel and champagne bottles.

After a short discussion amongst the Working Girls about our Scare Crow design, our resident artist, Kristi said she wanted to create a Sasquatch which is so much part of the lore of the Olympic Peninsula.

Just picture our remote, rugged Olympic Mountains with lush green forests, huge trees, moss, ferns… shadowed from day’s light and home to the Sasquatch. My Google searches reveal that last sightings documented and filmed were in 2007 & 2008.

OK… Sasquatch… Scarecrow… Sasquatch? Why not!

Then the Sasquatch started to take shape under Kristi’s artistic eye. Of course, our Sasquatch is female and not shy! She’s also a Working Girl and likes her wine! Her name is Sasquina.

Let me digress just a minute.

When the Working Girls need to conference our favorite meeting place is the Gastro Pub in Port Angeles. There is a huge mural on the upper wall of a Sasquatch riding a bike! Every time we’re there we wonder what the story is behind the mural but have never asked.

Ever the romantic I wonder as I write if this story will lead down the path of a romantic involvement between our two Sasquatches. Probably not but the thought makes me smile.

Back to Sasquina and her scarecrow duties at Olympic Cellars.

She wondered into our lives about a month ago. Not sure why she came down out of the mountains in to the fields of the winery but a couple of years ago a herd of Elk just showed up near the barn. Maybe in the dark the barn looks safe and offers a sense of refuge.

Our first sighting was in the vineyard. There Sasquina was… towering over the vines waving her arms, crows flying. All 7 feet of her with a few more feet of arms.

This year we finally had a harvest with 100 days of perfect weather and the vines were loaded. I don’t know how crows know but they leave the grapes alone until just right before picking… then swarm in and decimate a vineyard in just hours.

We wanted to thank this Sasquatch but didn’t know what to do. So we left a LARGE glass of Working Girl White and a 2X t-shirt. Next day both were gone.

A couple of days later the empty glass appeared by our back door. We refilled it. This went on for a few days. Whoa… Sasquina really likes her wine!

Kristi thinks she has a taste for the ‘grape juice’ eating lots of our wild Oregon grapes which can be sour mixed in with some Olympic blackberries and thimbleberries to make it sweeter.

Then the fateful day... we were crushing Cab Sauv and Merlot and guess who showed up with a big smile. Who could resist the enchanting smell of Virginie's brew.

We handed Sasquina a shovel and she went to work… Believe It Or Not :)

Join us this weekend, Nov 10-11, for our annual Harvest Wine Tour and meet Sasquina. She loves to have her picture taken!

The Working Girls of Olympic Cellars

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