Friday, November 23, 2012

You Know The Turkey Is Dry WHEN

·        When the turkey is floating in the roaster.
·        When you slice the breast and it crumbles
·        When the turkey has the feel & taste of dehydrated meat
·        When you start telling “You Know The Turkey is Dry When”... JOKES

I haven’t cooked a whole Turkey in more than 10 years, maybe more. Baked a turkey breast… but you can hardly screw that up.

Question: Have the turkeys changed over the years? I sprang for the free range, organic. Then a mix-up at the store and instead of a 14 pound, I walked out with a huge 20 pound turkey for 2 people. I’m thinking we could have gone out for dinner for the price of this bird but I really wanted to cook Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

OK, I can do this. For the last few days I’ve been watching the ‘how to’ YouTube videos… How to Cook a Turkey, How to Make Bread Stuffing (outside the bird) and How to Make Cranberry Sauce.  I bookmarked all the recipes and videos that I liked and thought were pretty fail safe.

The big day. Thanksgiving. Armed with my trusty iPad, I watched all the videos again and started on the Turkey. I sort of combined a couple of cooking methods and temperatures but didn’t modify them by much… or so I thought.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened. The turkey just cooked in the oven in a covered roaster. The only slight concern… not sure my thermometer still worked after maybe 15 years  but nothing rattled inside.

So at 5:30 we took the turkey out of the oven. The temperature just wouldn’t get to 180 degrees and based on the time/pounds chart I was 55 minutes over.

Took the cover off…  Hmmm

When both Ralph and I exclaimed... this doesn't look really good, I think it looks DRY!

At this point the only thing I could do is open the champagne.

Bubbly fixes everything and then you need a good laugh!

This VIDEO says it all… Tante Marie said she never had a good turkey. All turkeys taste like cardboard and the three things that make a turkey tasty is gravy, cranberry sauce and Pinot Noir. I know this isn't true but it made me feel better at the time.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend. Kathy

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