Monday, July 8, 2013

The Best Of Continues - It Doesn't Get Better

Consider this my personal invitation to join me in...
Celebrating the "Best of Olympic Cellars"

I keep telling everyone that I'm stepping down from the day-to-day winery activities but how can I when in the summer that includes concerts, festivals and a grape stomp.

I'll turn in my "grape shovel", so to speak, this fall when the manual, breaks your back, grape shoveling, all hands on deck harvest begins. Whoops, I forgot it's always "all hands on deck"! Maybe later.

Right now I'll welcome you to the winery, sip wine at sunset, pour wine behind the bar, dance to all the fabulous bands this summer and buy a new red wig (my last one looked like road kill).

Why a Red Wig, You Ask? I'm getting into my "LUCY" character for the Grape Stomping Harvest Party on September 14.

But I'm getting ahead of myself... our first concert of the season is July 20  at 7 p.m. It's also Lavender Farm Faire so after a day in the lavender fields the next stop is Olympic Cellars for our first concert of the season with the Polyrhythnics, voted the Best Band by Seattle Magazine.

Barn doors open at 6 p.m. Wine Bar opens at 6 p.m. Food is ready at 6 p.m. We sell tickets at 6 p.m. Guests are staking out their table and chairs at 6 p.m.

Did I mention 6 p.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another valuable tip.... buy your concert ticket's online. The Summer Concert Series has continued to grow in popularity with sold out performances. We recognize and continue to bring in TALENT to the winery... my favorite quote when asked "You saw them first at Olympic Cellars".

Vicci Martinez of The Voice performed twice at the winery. Leroy Bell, X-Factor, is back this year. Chance McKinney, oh my Texas heart throbs, also back this season shares the stage with the likes of Blake Shelton, Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakam. And, add in "you have to bring them back next year" requests and our new found talent... that completes our 8 concert series for 2013.

Our concert venue is intimate with the backdrop of the Olympic Mountains on one side and our majestic 123 year old barn on the other. This year food will be provided by a different restaurants and caterers each week showcasing Olympic Coast Cuisine.
And I'm lovin our Olympic Cellars and Working Girl Wines Facebook pages. We're giving away concert tickets each week. So "like, share and comment if you want to attend".  And best of all, in about a week we will start a month long promotion of the Working Girl Road Trip for Two to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Working Girl Wines. Visit Olympic Cellars, Stomp Grapes and tour the Olympic Peninsula... Win Airfare, Lodging, Car Rental and special Olympic Coastal Culinary delights at some of our favorite restaurants. Stay Tuned.

Cheers, Kathy
Working Girl
PolyrhythmicsPolyrhythmics, July 20. Voted Best Band in Seattle in Seattle Magazine. Original hard-driving, modern afro-beat and syncopated, horn-driven funk. That is the recipe that Polyrhythmics have crafted and delivered to packed clubs, and festival crowds up and down the west coast. Make no mistake, if the Polyrhythmics are on the stage, the place will be jumping, and the only questions at the end of the night will be: when the band is playing next? Band Website
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Ps. We have more chairs and tables this year... but to be safe, always throw your lawn chairs in the trunk.

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