Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Five Balls of Life

After the long months of writing, editing and finally publishing my book I had no words left. And I knew that my biggest job lay ahead… marketing my book on Amazon. Geez, just put me behind the bar again and let me sell wine.

OK Kathy, stop whining, you can do this.

As I’m grumping about Amazon marketing my dear friend is launching her women’s coaching business and she asked for my input on website design, content, logo, mission and marketing. Yea, I can do this. She would send me long emails and I provided feedback. It felt really good and then I realized she had given me a gift - it had got me thinking beyond my current projects on my desk - I felt in the groove again.

When I was at Olympic Cellars and communicating with my customers a common overarching theme was my Working Girl approach to owning a small business and also living life . . . as a mother, wife, grandmother, sister, friend, colleague and team leader. Of course, I sold wine too!

Tonight, looking around my office my eyes settled on five balls.

I had read or someone told me about juggling the 5 balls of your life . . . Family, Health, Friends, Spirit and Work. The five balls symbolized work-life balance. Work was a rubber ball. If you dropped it, it would bounce right back. But the other four were made of glass and you know what happens when glass hit’s the floor.

Since I’m a visual person, I wanted my own set of balls displayed in my office. So I asked a local glass blower for four glass balls and then I sprayed a tennis ball black and blocked out the word WORK.

My balls are set on a high window sill in my office close to the edge . . . think I was getting a bit carried away with the symbolism. But it has been a reminder to me over the years of what is important in life.

I’ve never liked the three words, work-life-balance, because to me it implied a 50-50 balance. Life changes constantly and different balls may get more priority than the others… but sometimes I do take a racket and hit that work ball right out of the park!!!

And, it's 7:30 and I'm still having my glass of wine with my computer. Old habits never die.

Cheers to all,
Kathy, A Working Girl

Author: Working Girl - Behind the Cellar Door
An Entrepreneur’s Journey from a Bankrupt Winery to Gold Medals

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