Monday, April 16, 2018

I Am What I Am

Two months ago I almost shouted off the page when I posted a new Working Girl blog … “I’m in the groove”. Felt like writing again and I finally was ready to tackle Amazon book marketing.

It didn’t take me long - my elation was short lived. I needed to take my own advice - if a skill is critical to your success and you don’t have it, then HIRE IT. But this time it was more easily said than done.

My goal for this book was to sell lots of books and donate all my royalties carrying on the commitment of the Working Girls and Olympic Cellars… Created by Women, In Support of Women.

But just like the early days of the winery, there is a very small budget for marketing.

. . .Give me just a minute. There’s more to this story.

I live in Sequim, Washington and the first Friday every month is Art Walk. I love art and a rule I follow (or should follow) is when you see something you want, walk away. If it won’t leave your mind and you’re still thinking about it a few days later then consider buying it.

Well not this First Friday Art Walk. I only had about 15 minutes before meeting a friend for dinner. Walking around the Blue Whole Gallery a funky sculpture captured my attention. The name on the white card was “I Am What I Am” by Nancy Lawrence. I bought it immediately and blamed this impulse on art in general. When it reaches out to you and somehow touches you personally, well just open your purse.

The sculpture was a female bird, with three legs wearing boots and the expression on her face as she looked me in the eyes was challenging, “You Are What You Are”.

Did that dang funky bird just give me an Out? You won’t sell many books but It’s OK that you don’t know how to market on Amazon.

Or, is she challenging me to step up? Get you butt in gear and learn how or find another way Kathy.

That Bird has been taunting me ever since she moved into my office, giving me that look each day and expecting an answer. Today she got it.

I Am What I Am. 
A Working Girl and Damn Proud of It. 
So, I’m Getting to Work.

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